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My Little Fibro Helper – Steven C.

Hello, I’m Steve and i bought the My Little Fibro Helper Lotion on a whim hoping for relief in my neck and lower back and let me just tell you have never had anything work like this!!! it really works and works great i use it everyday i don’t know how to describe it but its amazing i am so thankful i have crossed paths with the owner/operator of the company she is so amazing and im glad she talked me into giving this a try…..

Allergy Relief Blend – Steven C.

I had messaged the owner of the company and asked if she had anything to help me with my allergies… here in South Carolina we have POLLEN so bad you can see it blowing like snow and it really messes with my allergies but now thanks to PATTY i don’t have any problems because i put the essential oil blend behind my ears and dab a little under my nose and it works so much better than allergy pills such as Claritin, Zyrtec ETC… take a leap of faith and try the products they are absolutely amazing…. With Love, Steven

My Little Fibro Helper – Patty G.

We went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday and the kids tried their hands at archery. My daughter forgot to bend her bow arm just a bit and as a result got what I call bow burn on the inside of her elbow. She had a red spot about six inches by four. She came over to me saying it hurt and I whipped out my bottle of MLFH and put it on the burn. About an hour later, I asked to see it. It was completely GONE. she said it didn’t hurt either. Score one for MLFH!!!

My Little Fibro Helper – Tina B.

I have a new neighbor and she was checking out my facebook and saw the Hemp Oil bar and is interested and then said she wanted to try a sample of the fibro since her fiancee has lots of pain at night. Well I gave her my bottle to try and she now wants to buy a full size bottle, that her fiancee had the best nights sleep he has had in years.

Beauty Bar – Kelly G.

All I have to say is WOW! When I used to get out of the shower just using regular dove soap my face was red and SUPER DRY! I just got out of the shower using the beauty bar and my face isn’t red or dry!! I am loving all these products <3

Honeysuckle Body Lotion – Laura T.

This lotion is AMAZING! It’s got a thick texture, absorbs in fast and leaves my skin feeling marvelous! The scent is intoxicating! This is a must have if you love floral scents!

My Little Fibro Helper Shower Gel – Amanda K.

Hi. My name is Amanda and I am a nurse. I have been using My little fibro helper shower gel for a few months now. Love the smell. I actually have more general muscle pain and a torn right bicep along with fibro. To say how great this product is would be an understatement. And…sometimes in order to really appreciate something we have to go without for a few days, and that is exactly what happened to me. We went away for a long weekend and I forgot my shower gel. My shoulder and arm hurt so bad by day 2 it was horrible. When I got home, I took a shower, making sure I let my shower gel absorb and the pain went away. Great product.

A satisfied customer! – Vicki R.

Vicki Roginsky testimony


Vertigo Away Blend – Patty G.

We went for a ride out in the sticks on the way to St. Clairsville. My 13 year old started getting nauseous. I told her to rub this on her wrists, behind her ears and on her tummy. About 10 minutes later, I asked her how she was feeling. She said she was still a little queasy, but not anywhere near as bad as before.


Cramps Be Gone Blend – Kelly G.

This blend works great! Because of all the blends I have stopped taken Tylenol for pain! I got this blend just in time for my ” monthly friend ” Rolled it on the parts that hurt and it worked within 2 minutes. No more heat pad & medicine! I carry it in my pocket for whenever I need it. It also works on sore muscles!


Allergy Relief Blend – Kelly G.

I have stopped using my allergy pill { which makes me sleepy } and replaced it with this blend! It does not make me sleepy at all! At first it felt weird because I have been stuffy for days, then maybe about 10-15 minutes I was all clear! Felt so good to breathe again. Works great for sinus pressure too.


Relax (Formerly Chillin’) Blend – Kelly G.

The other night I was having bad anxiety! I was so worried I would have to go to the doctors the next morning because of it. I took out my ” chill ” blend and put it on my wrists. After 10 minutes it worked. I was so relaxed and calm, nothing bothered me! Read my favorite book and fell asleep peacefully.


My Little Fibro Helper Lotion – Patty G.

I have to share this with you all…. we went to the Akron Zoo today. As usual, I took my cane. By the time we were halfway through the zoo, my hips, legs, pelvis and lower back were screaming. I was sitting down more frequently. I finally remembered that I had a small bottle of My Little Fibro Helper Lotion in my bag. I got it out and put some on my lower back and as much of my pelvic area as I could without being arrested for public indecency. I kid you not, within 2 or 3 minutes,the pain in those areas was GONE. I was able to move, twist, and go from sitting to standing without pain. Sure my hip joints still hurt, but it was bearable. I was actually able to do the dishes as soon as we got home. And I mean hand wash them!

If you know anyone with fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, sciatica, back issues, chronic fatigue syndrome, or chronic pain, you owe it to those people to introduce them to MLFH.


Cramps Be Gone EO Blend – Tina B.

This is a lifesaver~ I bought this to help with nausea. Just rub some on my tummy when I am feeling sick. Within 20-30 min, I feel much better. I definitely keep it handy. Its a lot easier than trying to take some midol, or anything else when not feeling well, and feel like you are going to toss your cookies. Its good for anytime that you feel nauseated.


A-Tension! EO Blend – Kelly G.

This is a life saver!! I can’t take any medicines, besides Tylenol. I was about to get a migraine, I grabbed some water and put the blend on my temples within SECONDS it worked!! I was just shocked and speechless, I am so happy I found this company!


Insect Away EO Blend – Patty G.

The first time I used this, my husband and kids turned up their noses at it. Well, they were slapping and smacking at mosquitoes, gnats and midges the entire time! My husband finally asked me if they were bugging me and I said “No, why?” He said as we were walking through the woods to the river, I looked like I had a force field around me to keep them away. Score!!! Guess what the kids and hubby reach for now? LOL This worked wonders for us on our last fishing trip. No mosquitoes, bees, or any other bug bothered us the entire day!


Allergy Relief EO Blend – Laura T.

Within 10 minutes of applying my runny nose had stopped as well as coughing and sneezing! I had been struggling all day so I can say without a doubt, this stuff is awesome! Thank you!


Migraine Killer EO Blend – Tina B.

Oh my goodness, this is a lifesaver. I was in tears my head hurt so bad, rubbed some of this on my temples and my base of my skull, laid back down , couple hours later, woke up and my headache was gone~ YAY. Definitely won’t be without this again.


Lavender Shea Butter Body Bar – Mariah P.

OMG! So tried the lavender bar, and absolutely loved it… I say loved as in past tense, since I ran out and am quite sad about it. But our together was awesome! It made me feel so clean, but at the same time didn’t dry out my skin. I didn’t feel like there was some residue film on me and it actually made my skin really soft. The scent wasn’t overwhelming either, which was a huge plus in my book. I didn’t come out of the shower, with a headache. Even my other half was using it! Saying how he liked how clean he felt!!! Must buy more!


Lavender Shea Butter Body Bar – Raechel T.

First I want to say I very seldom use bar soap because my skin doesn’t care much for bar soap, but I wanted to try the lavender. I very much enjoyed the scent, how well it lathered when applied to my skin and how it felt while it was on my skin. It did an excellent job of cleaning as well, I did notice an improvement in the ‘granny skin’ look on my arms and hands. It did a fantastic job! I definitely recommend this scent and soap if your skin is happy with bar soap.


Lavender Shea Butter Body Bar – Jess T.

Just wanted to say how much I love your soap.  I tried the lavender shea and it smells amazing.  It is a fantastic product.  I have dry skin and am sensitive to heavy fragrance as well.  It has become a real challenge to find any body products that make me feel clean a without the discomfort of a reaction to the fragrance or drying effects.   Yours is the perfect balance.  It doesn’t dry my skin or give me a reaction,  but I feel clean and pampered.  I love it!  I will be ordering soon!


Hemp Seed Body Lotion – Susan T.

I got my lotion the other day and I love it. I have a question. I break out in hives from time to time and it’s always been a mystery although the doctor seems to think it may be because of my rheumatoid. But when I put the lotion on them they fade. What’s in it that would help hives? Nothing else has ever been as effective!


Hemp Seed Body Lotion – Tammy H.

My friend told me about this Hemp Seed lotion and how it helped with pain and honestly, I thought she was nuts. One day she handed me a bottle and told me to try it. It INSTANTLY took a large portion of pain away!!! My husband has knee pain, I had him try it and he couldn’t believe it either! We reapply every few hours, but we can’t believe how this stuff works!! Thank you!!!


Hemp Seed Body Lotion – Vicki H.

Got my Hemp seed lotion and absolutely love it. Used it all over the body and has lasted all day. Plus works really fast!


My Little Fibro Helper – Laura T.

I have had fibro for 4 yrs and have tried many prescriptions as well as physical therapy. MLFH gives me more relief than anything else. Within minutes my 24/7 pain is relieved enough that I do not have to take muscle relaxers and/or Norco. I highly recommend this and will never be without it!


Hemp Seed Body Lotion – Nancy M.

I just wanted to say I suffer from RLS as well as a tingling and ankle cramps to the point I am awake a lot at night despite meds. I got my Hemp Seed Lotion sample in the mail yesterday and I slept through the night. On top of that my daughter had woke up with a very sever charlie horse the night before and her leg was still in pain. She rubs a bit on the calf muscle and bam. it didn’t hurt to walk. When she gets paid she is ordering some.

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